My Top 5 BP4U Photographer Resources items!

It wasn't that long ago that I discovered this awesome site called BP4U Photographer Resources they provide you with awesome educational material, marketing material, contracts, questionnaires and so much more the list literally can go on and on. Brooke Parra created BP4U and in her words it became a ..." one-stop resource site dedicated to tips, tutorials, and top notch products at an affordable price". I want to let everyone else know about this site because its so affordable and the prices are right up my alley. Instead of talking about the site in general I wanted to share my top 5 Favorite products with you and why.

This little bundle is perfect for those who don't quite know how to word things and it literally has email templates for numerous occasions especially the ones that are hard to write like failure to receive payment, clients who want a re-shoot or not happy with their images it also covers emails about the whole booking process. I highly recommend you check out this awesome bundle.

In the beginning when starting my photography business I had no idea what i should put in my contract and this little bundle made it so easy there is a contract for every occasion including weddings, events, boudoir, milestones, portraits & more they even add questionnaires and blog forms to help you write out your blog posts!

BP4U teams up with other creatives to help provide exclusive deals for their customers, which I love because education is not cheap at all but they make it so affordable and easy and there is always something new on their sponsored deals section.

OK so who doesn't love getting things for the cheapest prices possible, I know I do.  BP4U always has a section on their site for items that are on sale for $1 and they are awesome it can be a photoshop action, a form, contract or marketing graphics and it changes just about every month

Whats better than $1 deals well that would be completely free material! Yess Free! and not the crappy stuff you'll never use the good stuff. Actions and preset or a contract or questionnaire its a surprise each month and its free! So if you don't get anything above definitely check out the freebies!

Have you heard of this site before if so tell me whats your favorite item!!



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