How to balance Mom life with work & school

I have to admit lately life has been crazy!!! I've been balancing my life as a mom, a business owner, and a full-time student and let me tell you it's not easy! There are times that I may forget things, lose focus or not get everything done that I wanted to but I have found a way to combat all of those issues but it requires daily effort.

I take it upon myself to write down each thing in a very organized worksheet daily that includes all the tasks, important priorities, focus, affirmation and even a mini-review of what I am proud of to keep me motivated and to top it all off a mini schedule of my day so I am always aware of my time. 

I can not express to you how much this has helped me juggle the responsibilities I have for school, work, mom life and more. Everything I need to know in one place allows me not to stress about what needs to be done each day! 

I love this planner soooooo very much that I am sharing it with you for FREE! Trust me I understand the need for something like this it took me forever to find a system that actually satisfied all of my needs and now you can do that too! 

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